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Help Santa Save Christmas!


Santa-Thon Host Fred Willard


Emmy Award-winning Fred Willard twists the arms of his Big Time Show Biz Pals to join him at The Greenway Court Theatre to raise money so Santa can pay off his debts. It is a night of comedy, musical numbers, special guest performances, sketches, and surprise celebrity cameos.

There's Trouble at the North Pole!

It seems Santa outsourced all the toy making to the Chinese this year and now he desperately needs money to pay them off. No money, no toys. And if there are no toys, well, there won’t be a Christmas! 

Enter Award-winning funnyman Fred Willard, the man with a plan: SANTA-THON 2017! 

Fred will host a Celebrity Telethon to try and raise enough money for Santa to pay the Chinese off, making sure there'll be toys for all the girls and boys.

Fred enlists the assistance of his big time show biz friends to do whatever it takes to raise the money for Old St. Nick. It is a night of musical numbers, comedy performances, sketches, and surprise celebrity cameos.

Will they be able to raise enough to save Christmas? We’ll know when we check the Final Toteboard!

It's a race down to the wire to see if they can help Santa save Christmas!


Santa Needs You!


Ghosts of Santa-Thons Past:

Scheduled to Appear

Jo Anne Worley (Broadway, Laugh-In)
Fritz Coleman (KNBC News, It’s Me! Dad!)**
Judy Nazemetz (The Tonight Show with Jay Leno)
Kira Soltanovich (The Tonight Show, You Did This To Me!)*
Jimmy Brogan (Carson, Leno, Letterman)
Bruce Baum (The Simpsons)
The Boobé Sisters (The Gong Show)
Chris Fairbanks (Almost Genius, Conan)
Jim Wise (Carpool Karaoke, Carol Burnett)
Wayne Federman (Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon)**
Paul Willson (Office Space, Cheers)

Paul Greenberg (Chelsea) and Jackie Harris (Curb)
Phillip Wilburn (Conan)
Marvin “Dreidel Top” Silbermintz (The Tonight Show)
Miki Yamashita (LA Opera, The Tonight Show)
Chris Chelko (Best Time Ever)*
Emilia Barrosse (Veep)
Roger Rose (Happy Feet, VH1)
Robert Covarrubias (Ray Donovan, The Tonight Show)
Lou Wagner (Raising Hope,CHiPs)
plus Surprise Celebrity Guests

* Wednesday, Dec. 6th only
** Thursday, Dec. 7th only


Can we save Christmas?!


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